Combining quality with profitability

Zero spills and zero incidents

If you are looking for a ship manager that accepts no spills, no incidents and no quality or safety flaws and who at the same time cares about your profitability, then the Ship management Division - a division of ERRIA - is the right choice for you.

Many years of operating vessels have given us a deep insight into rules and regulations governing many different types of vessels and we offer this experience to ship owners and managers on a consulting basis.

Effective consulting assistance in relation to ISM, ISO 9000 and ISPS & TMSA includes the following main activities:

  •     Gap analysis
  •     Audits
  •     System development
  •     Supervision

ERRIA has been working according to the ISO9002 since 1996 and according to the ISO9001:2000 standard since 2003. All processes related to ship management and consulting services have been documented and are known of the relevant employees.

We are certified according to the requirements of the International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention (the ISM Code) since year 1995 and our vessels are certified according to the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (the ISPS Code) since 2004.

Most recently, we have gained experience in OCIMF Tanker Management and Self Assessment Scheme (TMSA), when our Management System was upgraded to comply with TMSA.