Ship management

ERRIA is the safe choice

Ship management consists of the following areas: Technical Management, Crewing, Administration, Quality Assurance, and Procurement.

Within the area Technical Management, we are predominantly occupied with guidance on ship operation through our affiliated surveyors.

Crewing is an area that has its main focus on education and certification of staff members onboard. In Administration, we take care of the general administrative tasks, including financials and accounting.

Finally, in the Procurement department we can handle purchase of e.g. oil, provisions and spare parts. This is carried out by the company DANO Sp. z.o.o., which is located in Poland.

The overall strategy of the Ship Management business area is to run professional, responsible, and profitable operations of ships. Naturally, we do this in consideration of the increasingly growing demands from the market as well as political conventions and environmental requirements under which we operate.

Vast experience and certification

Entering into an agreement with ERRIA is the safe choice. Many years of operating vessels has given us the necessary experience to optimize the efficiency of a wide variety of ship types.
Be it chemical, container, tanker or dry cargo vessels, we always know the tasks at hand and solve them quickly and to a high quality level.

We have all the certifications that are necessary to manage your fleet:

  • ISM code certification
  • ISPS code certification

Our Document of Compliance (DOC) is issued by Bureau Veritas

When taking over ships in management, we will ensure fast and efficient ISM, ISPS implementation on board. This ensures your ship her interim Safety Management Certificate (SMC) and International Ship Security Certificate (ISSC) from day one and subsequently full-term certification.