High quality performance and competitive prices are a key to the high demand for our services world-wide.

Inspecting and docking vessels requires experience and know-how

The Consulting Division is actively engaged in inspecting many types of vessels. Our extensive experience with many vessel types give us the competences to know exactly where to look to ensure proper operation of the ship.

All our inspections are well documented, and we offer advice along with the inspection reports. When it is relevant, we are happy to take charge of both docking and inspection of vessels.

One of the techniques we use for inspection is NDE ultrasonic testing practice and advanced structural analysis of steel structures.

Together with a Polish partner we have formed a special task force, which is able to take care of steel structure analysis onboard all types of ships, according to specifications, so that they are approved by all major classification societies - for the most restrictive requirements / approvals.

We are able to measure thickness onboard - also during a ships voyage. Furthermore, we are able to conduct structural analysis through Finite Element Technique.

High quality performance and competitive prices are key components to the high demand for our services worldwide.