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Share capital
As of October 29th 2018, the Companys authorized capital was nominally DKK 8,686,354 divided into 8,686,354 shares of DKK 1 each. All shares have the same rights and are not divided into classes. No voting restrictions exist.

ERRIAs shares are listed on the NASDAQ First North Denmark stock exchange. Other share information includes:

Ticker symbol: ERRIA
ISIN code: DK0060101483
Bloomberg code: ERRI:DK
Reuters code: ERRIA.CO

The development in ERRIAs share capital since 2005 is outlined below ( 1000 DKK ):

2018    8,686
2017    7,897
2016    7,897
2015    7,897
2014    7,897
2013    7,897
2012    78,967
2011    41,088
2010    41,088
2009    41,088
2008    41,088
2007    300,413
2006    162,306
2005    91,306


The following shareholders own more than 5 percent of the company's capital or voting rights:

  • Ellegaard Holding Pte Ltd
  • Harbour Group Holding ApS
  • JPJ Invest Pte Ltd
  • Glumsø Invest ApS
  • CEO Henrik N. Andersen
  • Anpartsselskabet af 22/3 1973

The share option scheme
The Executive Board and members of the management team are included in a share option scheme: A share-based incentive programme in which the employees can only choose to buy share options (equity schemes), which are measured at fair value at the time of granting and recognised in the income statement as a staff expense during the time period in which the employees earn the right to buy the shares.

The matching item is recognised directly in the equity. On the first recognition of the share options, the number of options which the employees earn the right to buy is estimated. The estimate of the number of options which the employees earn the right to buy will be adjusted on a running basis until the amount recognised in the equity is based on the actual number of options which the employees have earned the right to buy.

The fair values of the options are estimated. The calculation take into account any terms that may be connected to the granted share options.

Dividend policy
ERRIAs possible declaration of dividend is decided upon annually, based on the Companys financial development and position.

Dividend history
Historically, ERRIA A/S has declared the following dividend to each share in Erria of DKK 1:

2016: DKK 0.00
2015: DKK 0.00
2014: DKK 0.00
2013: DKK 0.00
2012: DKK 0.00
2011: DKK 0.00
2010: DKK 0.00
2009: DKK 0.00
2008: DKK 0.00
2007: DKK 0.00
2006: DKK 0.50
2005: DKK 0.50

Insiders - definition and rules
Persons possessing information that is not public knowledge and which may influence the ERRIA A/S share price are prohibited from trading in ERRIA shares. More stringent rules on trading in ERRIA A/S shares apply to members of the Board of Directors and to the Management of ERRIA, as well as to senior and fiduciary employees in the Group companies and persons connected to the above.

ERRIA continuously supplies the Nasdaq First North Denmark with information on portfolios held by persons covered by the rules on insider trading.