ERRIA - an attractive employer

Do you ...

  • thrive in an exiting workplace with a high pace and aggressive goals?
  • like working in an informal organisation with top management always
    within reach?
  • want to positively contribute to the development of your workplace and the company?

If you do, then ERRIA might be the right place for you. We usually meet the goals we set, both for the company and for our employees - which is exactly what makes us interesting as your new employer.

Our business is not only global, but very diverse, and so are the types of jobs that our valued employees master. The ERRIA organisation includes a variety of job categories, such as:

Sector        Job category
AdministrationCrewing, finance, human resource
Technical  Ship managing, consultants, supervisors
Quality AssuranceVetting, consultants
Consultancy Supervisors, engineers





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