Dynamic people with  fascinating careers

Meet a few of our employees:

Allan Sparholt
Position: Technical Director
Work place: Technical Dept., ERRIA HQ, Copenhagen
Education: Marine Engineer
Nationality: Danish

Allan Sparholdt has a hectic job with numerous daily contacts to vessels, authorities, suppliers and engineers around the world. His main responsibility is to keep the ERRIA vessels operative at all times and under all conditions.

Darek Szymczak
Position: Vetting Manager
Work place: Technical Dept., ERRIA HQ, Copenhagen
Education: Engineering degree in navigation
Nationality: Polish

From a position as captain in the ERRIA tanker fleet Darek Szymczak was hand-picked by the Technical Department to manage the internal audits and training on board of the ERRIA tankers, as well as assist at the vetting of our tankers. His chemical experience is useful for tank cleaning and cargo related issues. Darek benefits from his great commitment, competence and energy in his sometimes hectic workday, dealing with engineers and crews to assure the highest possible safety and quality standard onboard the tankers.




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