Overall strategy
The overall strategy of the Company is to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by offering a customer-oriented product portfolio of shipping-related services in close partnership with the customer.

The strategy implies that the Company supplies a wide range of services, each of which, however, as standardised as possible and very often supplied in synergy with other services or partners. The aim is to supply the customer with an individualised solution, yet at a competitive price. Our customers also benefit from the economy of scale, which the diversity of the Group allows us to exploit.

Competencies and markets
The most important resource of the Company within both business areas is competent and motivated employees. The organisation is very flexible, which is necessary as the Company follows a differentiated strategy where the willingness to adapt is what distinguishes our products from those of the competitors.

The Company manages various ship technical and newbuilding projects on behalf of customers around the world, stressing the need for employees with a strong will and ability to work in various cultures and adapt to local needs.