Communication is of the essence

Stakeholder policy
ERRIA aims to develop and maintain good relations with its stakeholders, because such relations are considered to be important and positive for the Companys development.

Against this background, the Company has formulated policies for a number of key areas, investor relations, communications with the media, human resources, the environment, and responsibility to customers and society in general. One element of the Board of Directors and Executive Managements work is to ensure both compliance with and regular adjustment of these policies to reflect developments both inside and outside the Company.

The communications policy and related procedures are to ensure that information of importance to investors, employees, authorities etc. is made available to them and published in accordance with applicable rules and agreements.

Some information we must keep to ourselves

Code of Practice
The Companys board of directors, executive managers, management and certain cooperation partners (including, but not limited to: auditors, lawyers and other advisors) who hold information about and/or have knowledge of the Companys plans and/or finances and which may become or is already share price sensitive and/or share price establishing, are defined as "insiders" of the Erria Group.

Insiders are informed about the Groups code of practice concerning Insiders and must by their signature confirm that they understand the code of practice. Among other things the code of practice sets restrictive limitations as to permissible information and communication in relation to individuals who are not defined as Insiders. This information and communication include, but is not limited to, share price sensitive and/or share price establishing information. Insiders may only make dispositions involving the Erria shares as follows: As of the day following the disclosure of a Company announcement Insiders may make dispositions involving the Erria shares for a period of 4 (four) weeks, after which the trading window will be closed.


Code of Conduct

ERRIA recognizes that human resources and proper administration of their tasks are key elements to ensure safety, wellbeing, human rights, environmental protection and quality of work with respect and compliance of legal requirements and internationally agreed standards of business ethics. We support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights and make sure they are not conflict in human rights abuses.

Our seafarers’ employment, social rights, compliant and other procedures and requirements are in line with MLC and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining.

There is neither place for any discrimination/harassment in respect of employment and occupation nor any corruption in all its forms including extortion and bribery.

ERRIA business support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges and undertakes initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility which is part of or our safety management system.

Personal Data

ERRIA always processes personal data in a manner respectful of the individual’s privacy and never limit the rights under the GDPR or other legally binding provisions. Personal data considered as sensitive is only pocessed when there are strong reasons to do so.

We cherish our investors

Investor relations policy

The purpose of ERRIAs Investor Relations activities is to ensure that the market for the Companys shares is liquid, and that the market pricing of its shares fully reflects the Companys results and future earnings potential.

A further objective is to increase the number of shareholders and to support good Corporate Governance.

ERRIA aims to have an ongoing, timely and open dialogue with current and potential shareholders, equity analysts and other financial stakeholders, subject to current stock exchange regulations.

Through this dialogue and its other communications activities ERRIA seeks to establish awareness and understanding for the Companys activities, results and strategies, as well as the developments on the markets on which the Company operates. Further, ERRIA communicates its financial targets for the future and is reporting on its financial performance in relation to these targets on an ongoing basis.

ERRIA frequently participates in meetings with both professional and private investors, as well as equity analysts. In order to reach a broader audience ERRIA webcasts its investor presentations in connection with its announcement of the Companys annual and bi-annual results and make these webcasts available its company website, www.erria.dk.

ERRIA will not during a period of three weeks, the Companys so-called close period, prior to planned announcements of semi-annual and of full-year results, comment externally on the Companys financial results or expectations.

Only the Chairman of the Board and the Chief Executive Officer, has the right to communicate externally regarding Investor Relations matters.

Ladies & gents of the press:
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Press policy
ERRIA wishes a constructive and open dialogue with its stakeholders and is pleased to provide the media with information about the Company.

Journalists are welcome to contact ERRIAs Management. ERRIA is pleased to provide relevant information for journalists and will assist to the best of our efforts with due respect for current stock exchange regulations.